[ocaml-infra] new Github projects under the "ocaml" organization

Xavier Leroy Xavier.Leroy at inria.fr
Wed Dec 7 14:15:37 GMT 2016

Dear all,

I hope this is the right list to ask this question:

What are the policy and the procedure to create (or migrate) projects
to Github under the /ocaml/ organization?

The reason I ask is that there are a number of OCaml projects
residing currently on forges like forge.ocamlcore.org and that are
considering moving to Github.  There are also parts of the core OCaml
distribution that should move to independent projects, again
preferably on Github.

Some of those projects fit well in the /ocaml/ organization but not
all of them can be accommodated there, I'm afraid.

So, what is the policy?  how to request a new /ocaml/xxx project?
who takes the decision?

Personally, pretty soon I'll need an /ocaml/num or /ocaml/bignums
project to host the otherlibs/num library that is currently part of
the core OCaml distro.  I think /ocaml/zarith would make a lot of
sense too, but I need to discuss with the other ZArith authors first.

Kind regards,

- Xavier Leroy

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