[wg-camlp4] Pending issues

Xavier Clerc xavier.clerc at inria.fr
Wed Feb 13 15:22:51 GMT 2013

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> On 2/12/2013 9:12 PM, Pierre Chambart wrote:
> > I would also prefer to
> > restrict that kind of annotation to a small subset of the
> > expression
> > language avoiding as much as possible duplication.
> Just to be clear, do you propose to restrict attributes in general,
> or
> only those which will be reflected in runtime types?   There are
> several
> cases where one really wants to be able to use general expressions as
> attributes, such as the example given by Yaron:
>           type t =
>             { a : int with default(2), sexp_drop_if(fun x -> x = 2);
>             } with sexp

I am probably missing something here...

Are you discussing the ability to store some attribute
for runtime retrieval? In this case, how do you intent
to store the function? I mean, you cannot marshal it
as a closure, and at the very same time its usefulness
at runtime seems to be based on the ability to actually
execute it?


Xavier Clerc

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