[containers-users] more on deprecation

Simon Cruanes simon.cruanes.2007 at m4x.org
Thu Feb 18 11:27:22 GMT 2016

Hi again,

I'm thinking about removing `CCHashtbl.Default` by adding more utils to the
regular functor `CCHashtbl.Make`
(for instance, I added `get_or: 'a tbl -> key -> or_:'a -> 'a`)
and possibly also merging `Counter` into `CCHashtbl.Make` by adding some
utils that work only on `int tbl`.

Globally, I suspect that some parts of Containers are little used (or
not used at all) and it might benefit from cleanup. I'd also like to
make names more consistent (arguably a problem already present in the
stdlib itself).

Any feedback or protest welcome :)

If you have issues with some current design, think some part of
containers is useless, some feature is sorely missing, please send a
mail here or add an issue on github!

Simon Cruanes

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