[containers-users] more deprecations(!), overview of next release

Simon Cruanes simon.cruanes.2007 at m4x.org
Tue Feb 23 16:17:56 GMT 2016

Hi camelidaes,

It's starting to be a recurrent theme here (but since I don't hear any
complains I'll assume it's fine), but I'm planning to deprecate and move
to separate repositories other parts (more precisely, sub-libraries)
of containers. In a nutshell, opam makes it easier to split big
libraries into smaller chunks that users can pick independently;
my goal here is to make containers more lightweight (faster to compile,
to download, etc.) focused on:

- containers: (the core library, direct complement to the stdlib)
- containers.data: (data structures)
- containers.string, containers.advanced: more specialized data
  structures and algorithms (even though it is possible that
  containers.advanced will be deprecated too, I moved its main module
  `CCLinq` into its own repository already).
- containers.unix: some utils around Unix

On the other hands, the following sublibraries belong in their own
repository; they will be deprecated in the incoming 0.16 and removed
in some time (probably a few months) :

- containers.bigarray (already moved to the `bigstring` library, useful
  on its own for low level IOs)
- containers.threads (I don't know yet, I'm thinking of an exthreads or
  something as a collection of thread pools, preemptive futures,
  concurrent queues, semaphores, etc. for programmers who use threads)

Nothing will get broken at the next release yet, but if you use some of
those sublibraries in your project(s) please tell me, so we can discuss
non-deprecation or a migration path (which should be easy in most

The next release will also include a wrapper around the `result` type
(with a dependency on the dummy library `result` on < 4.03), with an
interface identical to `CCError`, ANSI codes in CCFormat, and many more
new functions and features.


Simon Cruanes

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