[ocaml-ctypes] Converting from int to file_descr

Costel Person costel.person at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 20:20:37 BST 2014

I am trying to call forkpty
pid_t forkpty(int *amaster, char *name, const struct termios *termp, const
struct winsize *winp);

Only care about file descriptor 'amaster' and result : pid_t

All is good:
  let forkpty = foreign "forkpty" (ptr int @-> ptr void @-> ptr void @->
ptr void @-> returning int)

    let amaster : int ptr = allocate int -1 in
    let pid = forkpty amaster null null null in
    let pipefd = !@ amaster

Do not understand how to convert the int representing file descriptor to

Or use a view to pass a Unix.file_descr as an int to forkpty ?

Any help appreciated ...
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