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Andre Nathan andre at digirati.com.br
Mon Aug 15 21:41:17 BST 2016

Hi Jeremy

On 08/15/2016 08:34 AM, Jeremy Yallop wrote:
> you'd write something like this:
>    module Foreign_bindings(F: Cstubs.FOREIGN) = struct
>      open F
>      let mysql_library_init = foreign "mysql_server_init"
>        (int @-> ptr_opt (ptr char) @-> ptr_opt (ptr char) @-> returning int)
> In this second snippet 'foreign' refers to 'F.foreign', not 'Foreign.foreign'.

In this case a binding that had type "a -> b" now became

  (a -> b F.return) F.result

For example, this binding:

  let mysql_init = foreign "mysql_init"
    (T.mysql_opt @-> returning T.mysql_opt)

had type "T.mysql_opt -> T.mysql_opt" but after the change it became

  (T.mysql_opt -> T.mysql_opt F.return) F.result

This way I can't use it as a function anymore. Is this expected?


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