[ocaml-ctypes] Another dumb question

john skaller skaller at internode.on.net
Wed Dec 27 05:33:38 GMT 2017

This should be a quicky….

Suppose I have some messy struct in C which is generally used
via a pointer. Eg

	void f (messy_struct *, int)

Instead of trying to provide field access I think I’d just like to make it
abstract. So I would say

	type messy_t


	let messy_c = ptr void 

and then

	let f = foreign “f” = (messy_c @-> int @-> returning void)

Does that seem right? (where messy_t is the Ocaml type and
messy_c is the value encoding the view).

Actually I would like to use “abstract” but there’s doesn’t seem like
a convenient way to make an abstract type “the same size and
alignment as a pointer”. That has the added advantage of
preventing a pointer coercion.

john skaller
skaller at users.sourceforge.net

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