[ocaml-infra] ocaml.org VM infrastructure

Anil Madhavapeddy anil at recoil.org
Tue Feb 5 17:41:52 GMT 2013

The OCaml.org VMs have been somewhat bottlenecked on me recently, as I've been investigating different cloud toolstacks to handle all the various services we need.

I was somewhat underwhelmed by OpenStack, but our friends at OnApp have generously donated a lifetime license to run the ocaml.org infrastructure using the OnApp private cloud platform.  This means that we should be able to provision accounts for multiple people, but still have centralised backup and a shiny web interface. Sylvain, this will particularly apply to you immediately, but I imagine more things will come up.

I'm pretty new to using OnApp, so there may be teething problems, but I just wanted to update everyone that there is progress happening here!  My thanks to Julian Chesterfield from OnApp for arranging all of this.


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