[ocaml-infra] staging site for ocaml.org

Martin Keegan martin at no.ucant.org
Tue Jun 4 14:18:10 BST 2013

On Thu, 30 May 2013, Christophe TROESTLER wrote:

> Even though we are thinking to move to, say, Markdown, that won't
> change much w.r.t. that "problem".  The website is mostly static but
> some things have to be automated.  You can use your github account to
> display the generated pages.

Ah didn't see this message, and didn't realise the generated pages made it
to github. How does that work?

Incidentally, I am going to be back in the UK, a few hundred yards from
the Computer Lab on Friday; if someone based there could spare me a few
minutes of time to discuss how "drive by" contributions could be made
easier, it'd be much appreciated.

Anyway, I think a move to Markdown would be very good from the perspective
of widening the base of contributors of content. I've just migrated
fifteen years of HTML cruft in my personal website to Markdown, with
remarkably little hassle; what this revealed was that a couple of items
couldn't be conveniently supported by Markdown - I expect ocaml.org has
its own, such as the 99 exercises code. 


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