[ocaml-infra] Is there a compilation farm for OCaml open source projects somewhere?

Sylvain Le Gall sylvain+ocaml at le-gall.net
Fri Sep 13 11:49:54 BST 2013

I think OCaml Labs is doing something about it, although it will be
super nice to have some reporting interfaces to display results of
build done anywhere.

E.g. I have a jenkins instance with slaves on 3 arches (RPi,
Linux/i386, Linux/amd64, with Win7, Mac OS X and FreeBSD installed but
not yet setup). I would like to have a common piece of infrastructure
to upload the JUnit XML output + set the build status to GREEN when it
succeeds  on one of my worker. I compile against HEAD of my VCS but
using OPAM (well GODI for now, but I plan to migrate). This can be as
simple as a FTP server where you need to put a bunch of HTML files but
that will be a central place to gather build data.

2013/9/13 Francois Berenger <berenger at riken.jp>:
> For example, are all the packages in OPAM
> checked regularly to compile on various architectures?
> Thanks,
> F.
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