[ocaml-infra] opam.ocaml.org timeouts

Ashish Agarwal agarwal1975 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 12:58:35 GMT 2014

Are you still having this problem? (I've replied to the infrastructure
list, which is the correct list for this question.)

On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 2:11 AM, Ed <wheredoesthistakeyouto at gmail.com> wrote:

> It seems opam.ocaml.org is banning ips after a flurry of download
> requests. When downloading packages like utop which have other dependencies
> like lwt, zed etc. I can only install ocamlfind. After that all
> installations fail. This is a seriously frustrating. I can connect via
> proxy sites but not via my public ip after attempting to download few core
> packages.
> It seems there is a cap on the number of downloads per ip per unit time. I
> can't understand the behaviour. No, I am not behind any proxy/firewall.
> Also I suspect, the server can differentiate between browser and curl/wget
> requests as automated downloads take  significantly longer.
> Can someone comment why is this happening ?
> BTW its been 2 days and I still can't get `utop`.
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