[ocaml-infra] Tuareg → OCaml umbrella

Sylvain Le Gall sylvain+ocaml at le-gall.net
Tue Jan 7 17:12:41 GMT 2014

I totally agree and that was the reason I once injected there ocaml-markdown.

If I am allowed to say something on this topic: the rule of thumb
should be "put a repository here when you don't have strong ownership
and that you plan to maintain on the long term".

I was told that there maybe some problem with github billing. I am
still not sure to understand what kind of problem there should be with
creating "public" repository, since it seems unlimited (this is not
the case with with private repository).


2014/1/7 Ashish Agarwal <agarwal1975 at gmail.com>:
> We're overthinking the meaning of github.com/ocaml. Having a repo there
> doesn't make it better or more official than code elsewhere. It's just a
> place to put things that are of general use to the OCaml community and have
> no other logical place to go. I see no reason we couldn't have two emacs
> modes hosted there.
> On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 8:35 AM, Anil Madhavapeddy <anil at recoil.org> wrote:
>> On 5 Jan 2014, at 10:15, Christophe Troestler
>> <Christophe.Troestler at umons.ac.be> wrote:
>> > Hi Gabriel,
>> >
>> > On Sun, 5 Jan 2014 00:06:47 +0100, Gabriel Scherer wrote:
>> >>
>> >> I hope this does not sound too negative, but I'm not sure we would
>> >> gain by "blessing" tuareg as "the" ocaml editor mode for Emacs.
>> >
>> > No offense taken.  My point in asking Tuareg to be under the OCaml
>> > umbrella is that it is not really a project of mine so I felt a bit
>> > strange to have it under my name (but it can stay that way, I do not
>> > mind so much either).
>> I actually think of github.com/ocaml not as an "official" blessing
>> (whatever that means), but as a place where repositories used by
>> the ocaml.org infrastructure can have a home.
>> In this case, I'd like to see all the editor tools centralized on
>> the GitHub so that we can clone them to regularly publish a Vagrant
>> VM with all the build tools installed by default.  If Tuareg is the
>> correct Emacs editor mode of choice *at the moment*, then it's
>> appropriate to host there.  This should be a separate discussion
>> from future fixes to Emacs-mode (which is, of course, important as
>> well, but shouldn't block the Vagrant release).
>> Anyway, Vim mode is easy ("use Merlin!"), so you'll all have to
>> educate me on the Emacs story over at:
>> https://github.com/ocaml/opam/issues/1035
>> -anil
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