[omake] Is there a way to 'export' variable value from sub-OMakefile to parent?

Gerd Stolpmann info at gerd-stolpmann.de
Sun Feb 21 11:24:36 GMT 2016

Am Mittwoch, den 17.02.2016, 18:21 +0900 schrieb Nozomi Shibano:
> Hi,
> I had a general question. Please help if someone had answer. (Also
> advise if I should ask this question in other place.)
> Is there any way to 'export' variable value from sub-OMakefile to
> parent? Sometimes I want to declare 'accumulator' variable in root
> OMakefile and append to it in sub-OMakefiles using += operator, and
> then do some task with accumulated values in root OMakefile. For
> example, accumulate paths of all .o files in sub-directories and link
> them into single .exe file in the root directory.
> It seems to me that, it is not possible.

Right, normal .SUBDIRS (w/o section) always starts a new environment,
and there is no way to export updated variables.

>  (Exceptionally, when
> sub-OMakefile is written as .SUBDIRS section in root OMakefile,
> 'export' command works for this purpose.) 

Based on this observation, here is an idea: maybe the combo .SUBDIRS
section with "include" works:

    include OMakefile
    export variable

This is not tested, though.

Note that a simple "include dir/OMakefile" would not work because the
rules in OMakefile wouldn't then be applied to the subdirectory.


> Passing information from
> sub-OMakefile to parent is only possible via target file in sub
> directory and dependency to it from root OMakefile. For above example
> case, I have to link .o files into .a file in sub-OMakefile and
> declare dependency from .exe to that .a file in root OMakefile. Is
> this correct understanding?
> Regards,
> Nozomi Shibano
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