[omake] omake-0.10.0-test2

Gerd Stolpmann info at gerd-stolpmann.de
Thu Jun 9 15:31:51 BST 2016


there is a new test release of omake. It includes all the developments
since I started taking omake over last year, in particular:

 - omake got faster for large projects (this part of the work was
   funded by Lexifi)
 - there is a new bootstrap system that unifies Unix and Windows
 - it now also works with the MinGW port
 - a couple of bugs were fixed

This is a test release. In particular, it would be good to know whether
the new bootstrap works everywhere, and whether I package omake up

The tarball can be downloaded at
http://projects.camlcity.org/projects/omake.html. The repository is now
at Github, https://github.com/gerdstolpmann/omake. There is also an
issue tracker.

omake requires now ocaml-4.02 as minimum.


Gerd Stolpmann, Darmstadt, Germany    gerd at gerd-stolpmann.de
My OCaml site:          http://www.camlcity.org
Contact details:        http://www.camlcity.org/contact.html
Company homepage:       http://www.gerd-stolpmann.de

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