[omake] How to capture both stdout and return code of shell command?

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Tue Mar 8 05:21:28 GMT 2016

Thanks Gerd, I will do that for now. Creating a temporary file with omake’s tmpfile seems easy enough so I will do that.

On March 7, 2016 at 1:13:16 PM, Gerd Stolpmann (info at gerd-stolpmann.de) wrote:

There is nothing at hand. Just read a little bit through the source  

If you call $(shell) or $(shella), this goes straightly to  
Omake_rule.eval_shell_output, which is calling eval_shell_exp. If the  
exit code is not zero, an exception is raised. However, the exception is  
just a generic one, and does not include the exit code in a way you can  
use from omake code.  

If you call $(shell-code) the exception from eval_shell_exp is  
suppressed, and the code is returned.  

Another observation is that eval_shell_output simply creates a temporary  
file and saves the command output there. There seems to be no way to  
directly read into a buffer.  

So, I'd say the way to go (for the time being) is to create a temp file  
and redirect into this while using $(shell-code) to run the whole thing.  


Am Samstag, den 05.03.2016, 19:22 -0500 schrieb rudi.grinberg at gmail.com:  
> Hello,  
> I’ve made good use of shell-code to execute commands and capture their  
> return code but now I’d like to capture their stdout (and stderr if  
> possible) as well, rather than have it dumped on the screen.  
> Is there a simple way to accomplish this? I’ve RTFM’d but could only  
> think of convoluted ways that involve file redirection. I’m probably  
> missing something simple.  
> Thanks,  
> Rudi.  
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