[omake] [ANN] omake-0.10.2

Gerd Stolpmann info at gerd-stolpmann.de
Wed Feb 1 09:25:34 GMT 2017


it is my pleasure to announce omake-0.10.2. This is mainly a bug fix

 - fixing build of omake on bytecode-only system
 - (again) fixing "rm -rf" on Windows
 - omake defaults now to the C compiler used by OCaml
 - building the omake documentation is now optional
   (even if hevea is installed - could be non-working)
 - fix inotify on Linux (for omake -P). Note that it is
   still not working on Mac.
 - fix recognizing case-insensitive filesystems on Mac
 - fix the OCamlPackage macro when a pack is created
   and no pack-level mli file is present
 - omake now ignores the env vars PREFIX, BINDIR and
   LIBDIR at install time

The new homepage is now
See there for all the other links. The opam package will be updated

The old homepage omake.metaprl.org is no longer updated (I don't have 
access, and don't know how to take it down).

Gerd Stolpmann, Darmstadt, Germany    gerd at gerd-stolpmann.de
My OCaml site:          http://www.camlcity.org
Contact details:        http://www.camlcity.org/contact.html
Company homepage:       http://www.gerd-stolpmann.de

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