[omake] Overriding OMakefile variables from the command line

Abhishek Chakravarti abhishek at taranjali.org
Sat Jan 11 05:15:12 GMT 2020

I am working on a GPL open source research project RefPerSys 
(https://gitlab.com/bstarynk/refpersys) that uses OMake. OMake's 
dependency analysis using MD5 digests is essential for our project.

In our OMakefile, we have an `OPTIMFLAGS` variable that specifies the 
default GCC optimisation flags. The behaviour that we are looking for is 
to override the `OPTIMFLAGS` variable from the command line, in a manner 
similar to Makefiles.

What we have observed is that OMake seems to ignore the `OPTIMFLAGS` 
variable passed through the command line when it is already specified in 
the OMakefile.

In our OMakefile 
(https://gitlab.com/bstarynk/refpersys/blob/master/OMakefile), line 63, 
we have `|OPTIMFLAGS = -O0 -g3`. However, when we run `omake clean` 
followed by `||omake "OPTIMFLAGS='-O0 -fno-inline -DONTWANTOPTIMS -g3'" 
--verbose, we note that `OPTIMFLAGS` is still set as `-O0 -g3` and not 
`O0 -fno-inline -DONTWANTOPTIMS -g3` as anticipated.

Is this the expected behaviour? And if so, is there a way to achieve 
what we have in mind, i.e., overriding OMakefile variables through the 
command line?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Abhishek Chakravarti
abhishek at taranjali.org  | +91 9836 8529 39
Kolkata | India

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