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Fri Dec 23 19:14:12 GMT 2016

Build Update for BinaryAnalysisPlatform/opam-repository

Build: #35
Status: Failed

Duration: 1 hour, 0 minutes, and 24 seconds
Commit: 2c0279f (bap-1.1.0)
Author: Ivan Gotovchits
Message: Release BAP IDA integration package

This is major update to the bap-ida-python package, it brings lots of
new features, here is the excerpt from the CHANGES.md:

call BAP asynchronously (without blocking IDA)
run several instances of BAP in parallel
special attribute view (instead of Alt-T search)
neater comment syntax (attr=value instead of sexp)
task manager for primitive job control
plugins are now callable from the menu (try Ctrl-3)
each instance has its own view
view selector can switch between views
stderr and stdout are properly dumped into the view
cross-platform implementation (Docker, Windows should work)
more robust type emition
new generic ida service integration (for calls to IDA from BAP)
added unit tests
Travis-CI integration
code refactoring: more pythonic, PEP8 compilant, pylint-happy
The most neat features are:

Run multiple instances of BAP without blocking IDA
Lookup extracted attributes with the new attribute view
Run plugins from the menu (no need to memorize all these shortcuts, just use Ctrl-3 to see them all)
More readable and robust comments (though still with issues)
>From the software engineering perspective, the codebase was heavily
rewritten. The code is now more pythonic (subjective of course), PEP8
compilant, (some modules are even good to pylint), and, most
importantly, we now have tests. A big effort was spent on mocking the
IDA, and lots of bugs were fixed during the process. The coverage is
still very low, though.

This version also brings a new generic interface for the services, that
are provide by IDA to BAP (rooter, brancher, etc). As well as exposing
a new interface for the emit-ida-script plugin. These changes are
breaking, so bap.1.0.0 will not work with bap-ida-python 0.2.0.

The new interface exposes a singleton instance ida.service that will
accept the service name, and the destination file.

View the changeset: https://github.com/BinaryAnalysisPlatform/opam-repository/compare/2ed1b54e2824...2c0279f272c4

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