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Tue Jun 4 18:41:46 BST 2019

Build Update for talex5/opam-repository

Build: #90
Status: Still Failing

Duration: 23 mins and 22 secs
Commit: 65962e9 (release-capnp-3.3.0)
Author: Thomas Leonard
Message: [new release] capnp (3.3.0)


This release is mostly about reducing the number of dependencies.
The only API change is that `write_message_to_file_robust` has gone.

* Remove `extunix` dependency (capnproto/capnp-ocaml#57).
  `write_message_to_file_robust` was its only user, and wasn't used by anything.
  Using `fsync` to ensure a file is written to disk is a general function that
  should be handled by the user of capnp where needed.
  Removing `extunix` also removes the indirect dependency on `camlp4`,
  which in turn allows `capnp` to build with OCaml 4.08 (and to build faster on all versions).

* Remove `Pervasives` qualifier (capnproto/capnp-ocaml#57).
  This is needed to support OCaml 4.08 without warnings.

* Remove dependency on `Core` from benchmarks (capnproto/capnp-ocaml#55).
  This was the only remaining use of the library.

* Replace uses of `Core_kernel` with plain `Base` and `Stdio` in the compiler (capnproto/capnp-ocaml#56)
  and tests (capnproto/capnp-ocaml#59).
  This greatly reduces the number of libraries you need to install to install capnp.

* Update tests for the current quickcheck API (capnproto/capnp-ocaml#54).

* Switch from jbuilder to dune (capnproto/capnp-ocaml#54).

* Require OCaml >= 4.03 (capnproto/capnp-ocaml#54).
  This allows us to drop some complexity from the jbuilder files,
  allowing them to be upgraded automatically by dune.

* Upgrade to opam 2 format (capnproto/capnp-ocaml#54).

* Convert the changelog to markdown (capnproto/capnp-ocaml#58).
  This allows it to be used with dune-release.

With these changes, the following 49 libraries that were needed to install
capnp-ocaml 3.2.1 are no longer required: `base_bigstring`, `base_quickcheck`,
`bin_prot`, `camlp4`, `core_kernel`, `extunix`, `fieldslib`,
`jane-street-headers`, `jst-config`, `num`, `ocaml-compiler-libs`,
`ocaml-migrate-parsetree`, `octavius`, `parsexp`, `ppx_assert`, `ppx_base`,
`ppx_bench`, `ppx_bin_prot`, `ppx_compare`, `ppx_custom_printf`,
`ppx_derivers`, `ppx_enumerate`, `ppx_expect`, `ppx_fail`, `ppx_fields_conv`,
`ppx_hash`, `ppx_here`, `ppx_inline_test`, `ppx_jane`, `ppx_js_style`,
`ppx_let`, `ppxlib`, `ppx_module_timer`, `ppx_optcomp`, `ppx_optional`,
`ppx_pipebang`, `ppx_sexp_conv`, `ppx_sexp_message`, `ppx_sexp_value`,
`ppx_stable`, `ppx_typerep_conv`, `ppx_variants_conv`, `re`, `seq`, `sexplib`,
`splittable_random`, `time_now`, `typerep` and `variantslib`.

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