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Tue Oct 8 15:24:44 BST 2019

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Build: #112
Status: Errored

Duration: 50 mins and 54 secs
Commit: 4cb2d8b (release-capnp-rpc-0.4.0)
Author: Thomas Leonard
Message: [new release] capnp-rpc-lwt, capnp-rpc-mirage, capnp-rpc and capnp-rpc-unix (0.4.0)


Breaking changes:

- Wrap errors with the `` `Capnp`` tag to make it easier to compose with other types of error (mirage/capnp-rpc#172, mirage/capnp-rpc#173).

- Prefix all command-line options with `capnp-` (mirage/capnp-rpc#163).
  e.g. `--listen-address` is now `--capnp-listen-address`.
  The old names were confusing for applications that supported other protocols too (e.g. a web server).

New features:

- Add `Capability.with_ref` convenience function (mirage/capnp-rpc#170).
  This automatically calls `dec_ref` when done.

- Add Unix `Cap_file` module to load and save `Sturdy_refs` (mirage/capnp-rpc#165).
  In particular, this ensures that saved cap files get a mode of `0o600`, since they contain secrets.

- Export cmdliner network address parsing (mirage/capnp-rpc#165).
  This is useful if you don't want to use the default option parsing.
  For example, if you want to make Cap'n Proto an optional feature of your program.

- Upgrade from `uint` (which is deprecated) to the newer `stdint` (mirage/capnp-rpc#166, mirage/capnp-rpc#168).
  The latest version of `uint` is just a wrapper around `stdint`,
  so this shouldn't break anything if you are using the latest version.

- Put cmdliner options in their own man-page section (mirage/capnp-rpc#163).
  Use `Capnp_rpc_unix.manpage_capnp_options` to control where in your man-page
  they appear.

- Enable `SO_KEEPALIVE` for TCP connections (mirage/capnp-rpc#167).
  For use with Docker's libnetwork, try something like this in your `stack.yml`:

    - 'net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_time=60'

Bug fixes:

- Close listening socket when shutting down a vat (mirage/capnp-rpc#171).

- Don't mark secret keys as executable (mirage/capnp-rpc#164).

- Update README example to use dune (mirage/capnp-rpc#162).

Build changes:

- Replace topkg with dune-release (mirage/capnp-rpc#169)

- Update opam email address and fix missing bound (mirage/capnp-rpc#161).

- Update the `dune` files to allow duniverse / vendored builds (mirage/capnp-rpc#165).

- Fix the crossed-calls unit test (mirage/capnp-rpc#171).

- Force all capnp-rpc subpackages to have the same version (mirage/capnp-rpc#173).

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