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Build: #25
Status: Errored

Duration: 21 mins and 38 secs
Commit: 47aa3a0 (release-elpi-1.7.0)
Author: Enrico Tassi
Message: [new release] elpi (1.7.0)


- Parser:
  - Tolerate trailing `,` in lists, eg `[1,2,3,]` is now parsed as `[1,2,3]`.
  - Error if the input of `Parse.goal_from_string` contains extra tokens
  - Binary conjunction `&` is now turned on the fly into the nary one `,`.

- Bugfix:
  - Nasty bug in pruning during higher order unification, see LPCIC/elpi#36.
  - `Discard` is now considered a stack term, and is turned into an
    unification variable on heapification.
  - `API.RawData.look` now expands `UVar` correctly

- Stdlib:
  - `set` and `map` for arbitrary terms equipped with an order relation.
    Based on the code of OCaml's `Map` and `Set` library.
  - New API `map.remove` for maps on builtin data.

- FFI:
  - New `ContextualConversion` module and `ctx_readback` type. In an FFI call
    one can specify a readback for the hypothetical context that is run once
    and its output is give to the ML code instead of the "raw" constraints and
    hyp list.

- API:
  - Commodity functions in `Elpi.Builtin` to export as built-in
    OCaml's `Set.S` and `Map.S` interfaces (the output of `Set.Make`
    and `Map.Make`). All data is limited to be a closed term.
  - `Constants.andc2` was removed
  - `FlexibleData.Elpi.make` takes no `~lvl` argument (it is always `0`)
  - `RawData.view` no more contains `Discard` since it is not an heap term

- Misc:
  - Pretty printer for unification variable made re-entrant w.r.t. calls to the
    CHR engine (used to lose the mapping between heap cells and names)
  - Pretty printer for solution abstracted over a context (part of the solution). In this
    way the result can be printed correctly even if the runtime has been destroyed.
  - Default paths for finding `.elpi` files fixed after the switch to dune
  - A few more tests regarding unification, data structures and performance

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