[opam-devel] Generating .install file

Thomas Gazagnaire thomas at ocamlpro.com
Mon Jul 8 08:52:20 BST 2013

> Le dimanche, 7 juillet 2013 à 13:49, Daniel Bünzli a écrit :
>> If my build system generates this file where (which path) should it generate them ?
> In the root directory of the distribution.

And it needs to be named `<package-name>.install`.

Both of these limitation (root + package name should be known) are a bit severe, so I was thinking to let the user specifies which install file he wants to use in the OPAM file, in the same spirit at the 'patch' fields. As nobody never really used this file as it was intended to (eg. generated by the build system) I didn't implement this, but if you feel that's convenient I certainly can.

>> Oh and do I understand correctly that if I install all my files that way (even the library) this somehow renders the remove: field of the opam file useless ?
> Yes you do Daniel.

Indeed :-)


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