[opam-devel] Testing for byte/native compilers

Thomas Gazagnaire thomas.gazagnaire at ocamlpro.com
Mon Jul 8 08:58:50 BST 2013

> I'd leave that as a separate concern for the moment.  Fabrice added environment variables in 4.1 that can control some of these flags, so it's a separate feature design from the compiler variants one (ocamlopt vs ocamlc vs ocamljava)

Indeed. What we had in mind at the beginning was to: activate debugging by default on the "official" compiler switch and have separate compiler switches for profiling. It was not possible before because we didn't control the build system, but with Fabrice's patch it will be easier to control this kind of behavior.

To answer the original question: that's indeed a good idea and I'm glad you've opened an issue on Github to track that[1].

[1] https://github.com/OCamlPro/opam/issues/672

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