[opam-devel] OPAM 0.9.5 released

Thomas Gazagnaire thomas at ocamlpro.com
Fri Mar 8 23:39:00 GMT 2013

> Speaking about auto-setup, a sizable part of the students
> are still working on csh/tcsh, while opam is more bash oriented.
> Is there any autodetection magic to adapt the configuration
> to the kind of shell used?

Yes, there is some shell autodection magic and normally bash/sh/csh/tcsh/zsh should work fine, but I did a limited amount of testing so it might be a bit broken.
You can overwrite the autodection logic using --sh, --zsh or --csh when doing `opam init` or `opam config setup`.


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> Roberto
> On Fri, Mar 08, 2013 at 05:30:29PM +0100, Thomas Gazagnaire wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm pleased to announce the release 0.9.5 of OPAM.  All the features that I though are important for the first releases are in, so you can consider 0.9.5 to be something like 1.0-rc1.
>> For this release, I'm particularly keen on getting people feebdack on the new auto-setup thing: OPAM now asks the user if he wants his local configuration upgraded to fully use OPAM (including installation auto-completion scripts). Use `opam init --no-setup` if you want to continue using OPAM as before.
>> One notable change which will please packagers of OPAM for OS distributions: I've added a `make with-ocamlbuild` and `make install-with-ocamlbuild` targets to not depend on the unreleased (and thus unpackaged) ocp-build. Otherwise, when using the development version of OPAM, it is still recommended to use ocp-build (as it is much faster). 
>> The changelog:
>> * If necessary, apply patches and substitute files before removing a package
>> * Fix `opam remove <pkg> --keep-build-dir` keeps the folder if a source archive is extracted
>> * Add build and install rules using ocamlbuild to help distro packagers
>> * Support arbitrary level of nested subdirectories in packages repositories
>> * Add `opam config exec "CMD ARG1 ... ARGn" --switch=SWITCH` to execute a command in a subshell
>> * Improve the behaviour of `opam update` wrt. pinned packages
>> * Change the default external solver criteria (only useful if you have aspcud installed on your machine)
>> * Add support for global and user configuration for OPAM (`opam config setup`)
>> * Stop yelling when OPAM is not up-to-date
>> * Update or generate `~/.ocamlinit` when running `opam init`
>> * Fix tests on *BSD (thx Arnaud Degroote)
>> * Fix compilation for the source archive
>> The files:
>> [OPAM] https://github.com/OCamlPro/opam/archive/latest.tar.gz
>> [OPAM+depends] http://www.ocamlpro.com/pub/opam-latest-full.tar.gz
>> Best,
>> Thomas
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