[opam-devel] Problems with LablGL on the rpi

Yaron Minsky yminsky at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 18:38:42 GMT 2013

I suspect this is a package-level issue, so I'm not sure this is the
right list for it, but, nonetheless:

I've been playing around with getting lablgl working on the Raspberry
Pi, using the Raspian distribution.  I got pretty far, but there's
some weird case-sensitivity issue I suspect when trying to actually
load the packages.  Look at this:

# #require "lablgl";;
/home/pi/.opam/4.00.1+raspberrypi/lib/lablgl: added to search path
/home/pi/.opam/4.00.1+raspberrypi/lib/lablgl/lablgl.cma: loaded
# #require "lablgl.glut";;
No such package: lablGL - required by `lablgl.glut'

The same thing happens when I try to build using ocamlbuild.  On the
mac I'm working on, however, everything works cleanly:

# #require "lablgl.glut";;
/Users/yminsky/.opam/4.01.0dev+trunk/lib/lablGL: added to search path
/Users/yminsky/.opam/4.01.0dev+trunk/lib/lablGL/lablgl.cma: loaded
/Users/yminsky/.opam/4.01.0dev+trunk/lib/lablgl: added to search path
/Users/yminsky/.opam/4.01.0dev+trunk/lib/lablgl/lablglut.cma: loaded

Any idea what could be causing this?  (I'm also running a slightly
different version of the compiler, but I don't think that's the


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