[opam-devel] Ideas from Node.js

Sylvain Le Gall sylvain+ocaml at le-gall.net
Fri Oct 11 23:00:22 BST 2013


This is something already somehow do-able with OASIS: just embed an
_oasis (more rfc822 than JSON) and use oasis2opam to convert the
_oasis to OPAM required files.


If OPAM dev would integrate a little more with OASIS (i.e. get rid of
oasis2opam to directly read data from _oasis distributed with upstream
package) and allow override using classic OPAM files, it will be super
easy to release OASIS package directly in OPAM.

I think the current design of OPAM regarding location of files is fine
when you design a package manager. I wonder if it will make it even
more useful to cooperate with another system more dedicated to
upstream packages like OASIS.


p.s. sorry for the shameless ads plug for OASIS, I still think a step
forward to cooperate between OASIS and OPAM would be a huge gain for

2013/10/11 Guillaume Claret <guillaume at claret.me>:
> Hello,
>   To see if there is room for improvement, I was comparing OPAM with npm
> (the packages manager of Node.js) which seems to me to be one of the most
> popular packaging system today.
>   Instead of three files "descr", "opam" and "url" they have just one
> "package.json" file.
>   They directly use the JSON syntax to describe the packages. The syntax is
> heavier than the one of "opam" files so the advantage is not clear, but this
> syntax is already known by most programmers / text editors, easily described
> with a JSON schema and can be parsed by any programming language.
>   Finally, the "package.json" file is located at the root of the sources of
> a project. This is a more self-contained approach. Someone can even install
> a package giving the repository Git's url, without registering it on a
> repository.
>   I wonder if these changes could be good ideas for OPAM,
> Regards,
> Guillaume Claret
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