[opam-devel] global installation with opam

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Thu Dec 11 21:44:46 GMT 2014

Le jeudi, 11 décembre 2014 à 02:03, Louis Gesbert a écrit :
> Which is kind of what Daniel suggested for `opam link`, if I understood him correctly.

To expand a little bit. I think that any switch should get the capability of having another prefix associated, e.g. `opam switch link SWITCH PATH`.

Once this has been issued any `opam {un,re,}install` in that SWITCH will also add/remove/update symlinks of the packages installation files in PATH.  

One of the main problem (w.r.t. to opam getting more ocaml agnostic) I guess would be the need to perform surgery on lib/findlib.conf and any kind of package relying on absolute install paths — it would be interesting to know how homebrew or gnu stow handle these.  



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