[opam-devel] caching large Travis runs

Anil Madhavapeddy anil at recoil.org
Mon Feb 3 17:03:27 GMT 2014

Just wanted to point out this useful script that the Frenetic folks have put together to improve build times for testing projects using Core.


I'll see if we can put together something based on package hashes on an ongoing basis if anyone's interested.  I'd prefer to run clean builds for most of our tests, but this is a really nice speedup for projects that depend explicitly on Core/Async and want faster response times from their CI.

Jeremie: we could put together a mega Core/Async PPA on Ubuntu Launchpad to make this even easier.  Jon Ludlam at Citrix had a similar solution (pickling up ~/.opam) for Xen a while back, so Ccing him to see if that script's available anywhere.


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