[opam-devel] [Caml-list] [ANN] IOCaml v0.3

Sylvain Le Gall sylvain+ocaml at le-gall.net
Fri Feb 14 12:43:50 GMT 2014

Hi all,

Sorry if you hate me for what I am just about to say.

2014-02-14 10:57 GMT+01:00 Anil Madhavapeddy <anil at recoil.org>:
> This is great! (CCing opam-devel)
> I'd like to resolve the zmq situation, since the current "ocaml-zmq" package in opam-stable has no maintainer, and is pointing to an unstable tarball.
> We could add a new zmq package to OPAM that does not clash with "ocaml-zmq" , based off the Issuu branch which appears maintained.  I'm CCing Anders Fugmann for his opinion on this.  After a while, we could remove the ocaml-zmq package if the upstream cannot be contacted.

I would 100% prefer that ocaml-zmq "ownership" or "official branch"
became Issuu branch. I think it will be better to have 1 maintained
package than 1 maintain and 1 unmaintained.

That said, I am not sure how to transfer ownership in Github (or even
if it is possible). So my proposal, is to create a forge project to
just host the tarballs and made OPAM to point to it. I am not saying
that the project VCS should move away from Github! I just think that a
forge project would be nice and would allow to have the maintained
branch release there...

An alternate method is to use:

But this old OASIS-DB instance will go through major refactoring some
time this year, so I would prefer hosting tarballs on Forge...

> That should hopefully unblock getting iocaml into OPAM mainline too...
> -anil
> On 14 Feb 2014, at 00:34, Andy Ray <andy.ray at ujamjar.com> wrote:
>> *** I announced this to the list through google groups a few days ago but I don't think it worked properly so hopefully this time ... ***
>> https://github.com/andrewray/iocaml
>> IOCaml is an OCaml kernel for the IPython notebook (http://ipython.org/notebook.html).  This provides a REPL within a web browser with a nice user interface including markdown based comments/documentation, mathjax formula and the possibility of generating all manner of HTML based output media from your code.  Here are a few features I think are particularly interesting;
>> * Uses ocp-index.lib to provide code completion and types (includes documentation if .cmt files exist).  Only works with installed libraries at the moment.  Very new, a wee bit buggy, but I love it.
>> * I copy/pasted the OCaml core language documentation page into a notebook.  Now you can learn interactively! [1]
>> * Play with TyXML in the notebook and render typed HTML interactively.
>> Installation is reasonably painless through opam, though you currently need to add my remote repository [2] and require a >=4.00.1 compiler.  Installation of IPython is a touch more involved as you will have to update (using 'pip') some python components [3].  Instructions for Ubuntu 13.10 are on the github page and I have also tested Fedora 20 which was, apart from some slightly different package names, very similar.
>> Cheers,
>> Andy
>> [1] I am not sure if, according to the license terms, I should be providing this.  The documentation has not been changed in any way apart from one inserted paragraph at the start explaining the difference between a normal toplevel and the notebook interface.  I hope it's OK to provide this.
>> [2] I'd love to push this to opam proper but require ocaml-zmq >=3.2.  There was a recent discussion on the list about this (indeed reading about ZeroMQ led me to IPython) so hopefully this will happen before too long.
>> [3] I haven't tested this release with 0.13.2 which the distros provide.  Maybe it works anyway.
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