[opam-devel] [MirageOS-devel] Offline use of mirage?

Louis Gesbert gesbert at antislash.info
Fri Feb 14 17:05:36 GMT 2014

> For this to work, though, we'll need to come up with a list of all the packages that will be needed to pass to `opam-admin make`.  I notice that "opam-admin make --help" tells me this:
>        -r, --recursive
>            Recurse among the transitive dependencies.
>        --resolve
>            A more advanced version of `--recursive': will attempt to resolve
>            your installation with all dependencies in the best way possible
>            and build the archives accordingly.
> CCing opam-devel: what on earth does the latter entry mean? :-)  What's the downside of using --resolve for everything instead of -r?  If there's none, why not get rid of -r entirely?

True, `--recursive` is mostly here for historical reasons. It will actually download _all_ versions of the dependencies. `--resolve` is a bit less predictable but will give you one usable snapshot of the universe.

I've nothing against removing `--recursive`, it's probably not used.

A nice addition would be the ability to prune the repository of unneeded package definitions : for now it keeps them all, just downloads a subset of the archives. That wouldn't be difficult.


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