[opam-devel] Some Rendering Improvements

Louis Gesbert gesbert at antislash.info
Mon Jan 6 13:29:33 GMT 2014

Very nice ! I love the new display :)
I am not concerned about the additional space ; my only remark is that the meaning may not be completely obvious for everyone at first sight, given that people may not expect logic formulas at that spot (esp. when you see only a single /\). Wouldn't just 'and' and 'or' be suitable ?


Le lundi 6 janvier 2014, 10:13:30 David Sheets a écrit :
> I've made some improvements to rendering constraint formulae and
> calculating reverse dependency constraints. The new rendering takes a
> little more space (except for the duplication that has been removed)
> but is, imnsho, far easier to read and navigate.
> I'm interested in your feedback on this development. You'll need the
> master branch of opam-lib and opamfu and my opamfu branch of opam2web.
> You can find the relevant PR at
> <https://github.com/ocaml/opam2web/pull/81>.
> Thanks,
> David
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