[opam-devel] [ocaml-platform] opam 1.1.1 to be released shortly

Louis Gesbert louis.gesbert at ocamlpro.com
Fri Jan 10 13:46:25 GMT 2014

> Aside from that, the only other problem I can think of that confused users
> was the inconsistent 'packages added or removed' display after an opam
> update.  Was that fixed?  I couldn't find the live issue.

No, not fixed yet. I had shifted it to 1.2 already but will have a second look.

> When you have an RC let me know, and I'll run it through it's paces on the
> various BSDs to make sure that there haven't been any regressions due to
> the `which` vs `type` changes.

Ok, will do, thanks a lot !


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