[opam-devel] [ocaml-platform] opam 1.1.1 to be released shortly

Anil Madhavapeddy anil at recoil.org
Sun Jan 12 00:39:23 GMT 2014

On 10 Jan 2014, at 17:44, Roberto Di Cosmo <roberto at dicosmo.org> wrote:

> - check the patch added by Ralf in the latest version of the
>   Debian aspcud package to ensure backwards compatibility of
>   the optimization criteria supported by the latest aspcud
>   with the legacy criteria supported by the other solvers...
>   this basically boils down to adding a few lines to the 
>   aspcud bash shell to use a short sed file and convert the
>   old criteria in the new language supported by the latest
>   aspcud... you'll find attached the modified aspcud and the
>   sed file from the Debian package

There are several importabilities that are blocking a port to
MacOS X in the various shell scripts (noted on the GitHub
issue).  I've put my candidate MacOS X port up at:


However, it still fails due to lacking some of the patches
from the Debian package, and I'd appreciate concrete pointers
to where these files are.  Looking in the Debian binary package
that Roberto pointed to, I find several different patches in
the wheezy and jessie repositories, and the jessie version
has layered ones (for 'trendy' and an external sed script).
Which one are we supposed to be using?

I'd appreciate a unified diff against upstream so that I can
patch the other incompatibilities against a known good base...


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