[opam-devel] OPAM 1.1.1 RC

Louis Gesbert louis.gesbert at ocamlpro.com
Tue Jan 14 17:11:11 GMT 2014

The first RC for OPAM 1.1.1 has just been tagged. Everyone is welcome to try it out and report any last-minute problems !

Last addition was the possibility for packagers to specify `archive: ["upstream-url" "mirror1" "mirror2"]` in the url files, so that we have a way to circumvent downtime of package hosting servers -- like recently happened for camlcity with dire consequences for new OPAM installations (ocamlfind could not be installed). We are working on a more general mirroring solution for the next release.

Cheers !

>From the changelog:
* Fix `opam-admin make <packages> -r` (#990)
* Explicitly prettyprint list of lists, to fix `opam-admin depexts` (#997)
* Tell the user which fields is invalid in a configuration file (#1016)
* Add `OpamSolver.empty_universe` for flexible universe instantiation (#1033)
* Add `OpamFormula.eval_relop` and `OpamFormula.check_relop` (#1042)
* Change `OpamCompiler.compare` to match `Pervasives.compare` (#1042)
* Add `OpamCompiler.eval_relop` (#1042)
* Add `OpamPackage.Name.compare` (#1046)
* Add types `version_constraint` and `version_formula` to `OpamFormula` (#1046)
* Clearer command aliases. Made `info` an alias for `show` and added the alias `uninstall` (#944)
* Fixed `opam init --root=<relative path>` (#1047)
* Display OS constraints in `opam info` (#1052)
* Add a new 'opam-installer' script to make `.install` files usable outside of opam (#1026)
* Add a `--resolve` option to `opam-admin make` that builds just the archives you need
  for a specific installation (#1031)
* Fixed handling of spaces in filenames in internal files (#1014)
* Replace calls to `which` by a more portable call (#1061)
* Fixed generation of the init scripts in some cases (#1011)
* Better reports on package patch errors (#987, #988)
* More accurate warnings for unknown package dependencies (#1079)
* Added `opam config report` to help with bug reports (#1034)
* Do not reinstall dev packages with `opam upgrade <pkg>` (#1001)
* Be more careful with `opam init` to a non-empty root directory (#974)
* Cleanup build-dir after successful compiler installation to save on space (#1006)
* Enable packagers to specify mirrors in url files (#807)

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