[opam-devel] Stable archive checksums

Markus Mottl markus.mottl at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 17:58:21 BST 2014


since a lot of OPAM packagers are using Github, to which I'm
transitioning my projects, I just wondered how you are dealing with
the problem of downloading archives with stable checksums.

The online information is rather confusing, but it is my impression
that there is no guarantee that downloading an archive from Github
will give you files with equivalent checksums.  Github apparently
doesn't support download pages with fixed files anymore unlike
Bitbucket, which I'm currently using.  AFAIK, Github cleans out
generated archive files if not downloaded again soon enough so there
is some chance that changes to e.g. git, tar, or gzip could screw up
archive checksums.

Any suggestions on how to best interact with Github for downloading
stable packages via OPAM?


Markus Mottl        http://www.ocaml.info        markus.mottl at gmail.com

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