[opam-devel] Apscud on osx < 10.9 (was Re: aspcud 1.9.0 packages on Archlinux)

Louis Gesbert louis.gesbert at ocamlpro.com
Thu Mar 27 13:11:04 GMT 2014

Le jeudi 27 mars 2014, 13:01:08 Daniel Bünzli a écrit :
> Ok so it seems that: 
> * I do have some kind of version > 1.1.1, opam --git-version should be fixed, it's annoying to be blind.

My guess, as Anil suggested, is that brew fetches an archive instead of a git clone, so getting the git hash in the build system doesn't work. OR it may be an issue with the `with-ocamlbuild` build system, I'll check what brew does.

> * apscud doesn't work on 10.8.5 I always get the warning mentioned earlier and it falls back to the internal solver
> * falling back to the internal solver has catastrophic consequences (it even wants to remove the base packages), the solutions are absurdly different from those proposed by a call without external solver.

hm :(
I think I may know where that comes from (there is a preprocessing of the request taking place for the internal solver, which hasn't been done in this case. Never liked that part). I'll see if there is an easy workaround.

> `brew remove apscud` is my fix for now, I need some work to get done. 

Sorry to hear that, and thanks anyway for your help with the debugging !


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