[opam-devel] How to create an integration test based on OPAM

Sylvain Le Gall sylvain at le-gall.net
Wed Nov 5 00:19:36 GMT 2014


I have several projects that depends on each other and I would like to
create an overall Jenkins jobs that will build all these projects with
their VCS version and measure how much breakage will introduce a change.

What I would like:
1. gather project sources:
  a. checkout a project
  b. create an OPAM package
  c. inject the package in a local repository
  d. repeat for every project
2. mix the locally created repository with the official OPAM repository
3. build/test/install projects in order and report results at each step
4. build/test direct reverse dependencies of the projects

I know that they are a lot of missing pieces and I don't really think that
OPAM should handle this kind of test. I would just like to build a tool
that can do it for me.

Is there any already existing scripts that do something close to that ?

Have you any hint on how to build this kind of tools ?

Thanks in advance
Sylvain Le Gall
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