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Sylvain Le Gall sylvain+ocaml at le-gall.net
Fri Oct 31 10:57:14 GMT 2014

configuration management tool -> I am setting up a puppet server that you
can use for this kind of thing. The server itself should be ready this
week-end and it is already used for the OCaml Forge (basic configuration).
I extend it to include user management (including SSH key management),
firewalls and setting up the new OCaml Forge.

The repository is actually private because it may contains passwords.

Anil, if you need help on puppet, just ping me. The puppet server and
Debian packages repository will be hosted on forge-ssh.ocaml.org.

A good thing to do, if you don't have time to learn puppet, is to document
what you do during the installation/configuration step. This is a good
starting point to create puppet classes for automatic setup in the future.


Le Fri Oct 31 2014 at 11:06:55 AM, Peter Zotov <whitequark at whitequark.org>
a écrit :

> On 2014-10-30 15:25, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
> > On 29 Oct 2014, at 22:00, Peter Zotov <whitequark at whitequark.org>
> > wrote:
> >> Buildbot works.
> >>
> >> Overall, I think that the buildscript itself definitely should be
> >> rewritten
> >> in OCaml and handle all the OCaml-specific details. However, rewriting
> >> the web UI, buildmaster/buildslave communication and so on is a waste
> >> of
> >> time. There is no practical benefit gained from doing so, and the
> >> result
> >> will be certainly inferior even to Buildbot, which is not perfect, but
> >> has had much more time to get polished than any homegrown solution.
> >
> > Agreed... certainly for the first cut.  As long as we can get the data
> > out in a way that's easy to manipulate then that's fine.  How about we
> > start to get familiar with buildbot by provisioning a Rackspace VM for
> > it
> > and running it on a fork of opam-repository (so that all the commenting
> > noise doesn't drown out the main repo while we're experimenting).
> Sure! Please set up the VM.
> Do you intend use some configuration management tool? I've just
> configured
> it manually (and updated two files in /etc/default).
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> Peter Zotov
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