[opam-devel] call for help: opam history

Anil Madhavapeddy anil at recoil.org
Tue Sep 30 11:34:58 BST 2014

On 30 Sep 2014, at 10:47, Fabrice Le Fessant <Fabrice.Le_fessant at inria.fr> wrote:
> From my point of view, the new presentation starts too late: the first
> ideas of OPAM were in DORM, and the DORM proposal was submitted to the
> French state in 2010. The main idea of DORM was to develop a new
> package manager for OCaml, using the DOSE technology from the Mancoosi
> team. Then, Yaron contacted OCamlPro in mi-november 2011 to put more
> manpower on the design of new package manager for OCaml.

This sounds like ideal for the start of the history.  Why not edit it
in yourself as Thomas suggested?  Did DORM get funded btw?  Linking to
any other outputs from the project would also help round out the history.

> Also, in the opam-repository description, I thought the first 200 packages were
> mostly packaged by Frederic Tuong, who spent almost 6 months doing
> only that. Am I wrong ?

This was an excellent excuse to try gitinspector out:

The stats may be misleading if there was rebasing going on in the early
days, so take those with a pinch of salt.  The tool did output month
by month commit statistics which may help jog memories though.
(see the "history timeline" section of the page)


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