[opam-devel] call for help: opam history

Thomas Gazagnaire thomas at gazagnaire.org
Tue Sep 30 17:42:31 BST 2014

>>> Could you be more explicit about the complains that you have heard
>>> about this page ?
>> Mainly that people who contributed to the project were not acknowledge properly on that page. Asking people to contribute to the page should help fixing this (hopefully).
> Wouldn't a simple list of contributors be enough ? Or should we really
> investigate and measure the size of contributions ? How do you compare
> the time I spent convincing people OPAM should be done, finding funds
> and manpower, with the time other ones spent developing or
> contributing packages ?

There is no comparison to be done, I think it is useful to properly state how things happened at the time. I've tried to dig into my emails, commits message, IRC logs and my bad memory to write the first draft, and as you can see in the topic of that email I'm calling for help to make things more accurate :-) So of course we should mention the initial work done to fund the project (both DORM and OCamlPro resources).

>> I was not involved in the DORM project so I don't know that part of the story
> ??? You were working for OCamlPro, and spending some of your time
> managing Frederic (with me), who was paid by DORM via INRIA. You may
> not have been involved in the administrative part of DORM, but you
> were clearly involved in the technical part :-)

I remember very clearly working with Frederic on opam, with memory is not that bad :p I never attended any DORM meetings though, and I never saw (or participate) the project deliverables.

> In the attached file, I tracked the number of OPAM packages after
> every commit in the first months (I hope I didn't make any mistake):
> From 6 Aug 2012 to 14 Aug 2012, Frederic added 100 packages in about
> 15 commits (count 115 to 214). On 12 Jul 2012, he added 19 packages
> (count 82 to 101). Just with that, he is the main contributor of
> packages at end of August 2012 with more than half the packages. In my
> souvenir, he was mostly working on packaging while you were mostly
> developing the tool itself.
> Funnily, my own contribution was to move the count from 24 to... 0 and
> then 1 on Jun 5 :-)

Haha, I'm not the only one trying to delete stuff then :-) 

Thanks for the package stats, very useful. Did you take into account the format changes in the repository in your stats? And about the time spent on code/repo by Frederic and me, I just remember we spent a lot of time working on both at the same time (as we were fixing design issues while creating new packages, and Frederic developed a quite sophisticated system to generate package meta-data). I'll correct this part of history later this week.


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