[opam-devel] user-setup

Yaron Minsky yminsky at janestreet.com
Sun Aug 23 16:51:35 BST 2015

Have you thought much about user-setup of late?  I tried to use it in
an up-to-date mac, and the emacs setup failed.  I think it was relying
on some missing package.  Do you have any thoughts as to how we can
get this to the point where it works reliably enough to be usable to

Another thing about user-setup is that its operations are only
implicit, i.e., it only does things on install, which means if you
want to do something like set up a clean .emacs file, or even just get
a list of the things it's doing, there's no obvious way.  I think it
would be ideal if user-setup came with a command-line tool, and
actually if it only modified files after you called that command-line
tool, which would warn you about what it was going to do, and maybe
even give you a way of immediately unrolling.


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