[opam-devel] OPAM 1.3 roadmap

Louis Gesbert louis.gesbert at ocamlpro.com
Fri Feb 27 09:10:20 GMT 2015

We're still discussing the roadmap for 1.3, but let's try to keep it reasonable in scope: we currently have the following "hot" topics:

* repository signing (server-side design and infrastructure, client-side validation ; very likely following TUF)

* package files tracking / package sandboxing

* Windows documentation / support

* a plugin architecture for OPAM extensions

Three of these seem to me like the maximum that could be reasonably put in the single release (and one or two may actually be more reasonable). I am willing to work on all of these and don't want to leave anyone behind, but there is so much one can do in a given time. On the other hand, I may be more comfortable separating an already coded part of OPAM into a plugin rather than designing a plugin mechanism more abstractly.

> A first draft proposal for the depext plugin API is in 
>    doc/design/depexts-plugins

Yes, this is a good start, and I already added some notes there.


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