[opam-devel] pin and constraints

Louis Gesbert louis.gesbert at ocamlpro.com
Fri Jun 19 01:41:49 BST 2015

> Apparently I didn't get that pins were associated to a package version, I thought they were somehow a version for themselves, one which was greater than any other. So if I gather things correctly `opam pin PKG …` is actually a synonym for `opam pin PKG.$VERSION` where $VERSION is the latest known version of PKG.  

Not necessarily, if the package declares a version in its opam file, that will be used. Indeed, `pinned` was a version by itself in opam 1.1, but that had some quirks (in particular, version pins, or upper version constraints). It seemed more flexible and consistent to always have a version connected to the pinned package, but allow to customise that.

> You can add whatever version you want to the pin, e.g.
>   opam pin add foo.1.2.3 ...

Oh yes I remember adding that now, because indeed having to use `opam pin edit` to customise the version wasn't very convenient. Thanks for reminding :)
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