[opam-devel] [MirageOS-devel] Cross-compiling OCaml, Mirage OS for rumprun, OPAM integration

Martin Lucina martin at lucina.net
Tue May 19 15:44:25 BST 2015

On Tuesday, 19.05.2015 at 16:12, Martin Lucina wrote:
> In theory PR#6266 (https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml/commit/c1e26ad14aec62cefe3d5fb24cf8702caa39db2b) might fix these options to let me run OCaml configure directly against the rumprun cross compiler but I've not tried yet.

See also https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml/pull/182/commits which is another
unrelated(?) effort by people doing an iOS port that Anil pointed me to.

Would be great if this would all converge. What I don't understand is why
upstream OCaml 4.02.01 claims to support cross-compilation but doesn't; was
this original effort abandoned by upstream? If so, why?


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