[opam-devel] How to know whether a package archive is already in the cache?

Gabriel Scherer gabriel.scherer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 17:47:38 GMT 2015

Hi opam-devel,

I'm currently hacking on a script to do a bulk update of OPAM
metadata, adding "ocamlbuild" as an explicit dependency of all
packages my killer heuristic decides certainly use ocamlbuild (right
now: there is a _tags or myocamlbuild.ml somewhere, but I'm soon going
to integrate the fact that an _oasis file explicitly lists ocamlbuild
as the relied-upon build system).

This is rather simple, with most of the time spent browsing through
the rich opam-library API.
- iterate over all packages in the repository (using the nice
Opam_admin_top.iter_packages function)
- for each package download the archive (I used
OpamAction.download_package for this, although it requires an
OpamState.t argument that I wasn't sure how to build¹)
- extract each archive (OpamFilename.extract_generic_file, under some
OpamFilename.with_tmp_dir call to get automatic cleanup)
- walk the archive to test ocamlbuild usage

Caching downloaded archive works very well, so re-running the script
(during my test-refine feedback loops) does not re-download those as
well. Unfortunately, for a handful of packages, download fails, and it
only fails after a rather long timeout has expired, so just
re-iterating on those failed packages make a process that should be
instantaneous takes several minutes.

So here is my question: how can I test whether a package archive is
already in the cache? Because I know now that all packages that won't
time out have been cached by previous runs of my script, I could
iterate only on those. But I didn't find a clear way to do that (this
seems to be available internally in some OpamHTTP backend, but I
haven't seen this exported).

A way to cache not only the successfully downloaded archives, but also
the "did not work" last time decision would also fit the bill. In the
worst case I could store that information in an independent table that
I would (de)serialize across invocations of my script.

(Opam seems to have fancy download functions designed to download a
lot of stuff in parallel, but that seems incompatible with the
sequential workflow imposed by `iter_packages`. I could first iterate
to build a list of URLs, then download everything in parallel, then
re-iterate but then again I need to only access the archives whose
download actually succeeded.)

While we're at it: is there a simple way to get a pretty string from a
Package.t value? I use
          Printf.sprintf "%s.%s"
            (OpamPackage.name_to_string package)
            (OpamPackage.version_to_string package)
but would expect this to be available already.

The complete code of the current prototype script (it is not editing
any metada so far, just printing out the results that seem reasonable,
except that the _oasis part of the heuristic needs to be implemented
to get realistic results) is available at


Any comment or advice is warmly welcome. In particular there is a
question in a comment about: what is the right way to build a
OpamState.t value?

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