[opam-devel] docker hub update?

Török Edwin edwin+ml-ocaml at etorok.net
Fri Apr 8 16:51:21 BST 2016


How often are the ocaml/opam docker containers rebuilt and what determines the build order?
E.g. 'ocaml/opam:latest' and 'ocaml/opam:debian' was last updated 9 days ago according to docker hub, but then some images
were updated a few hours ago. 
That looks confusing, would it be possible to prioritize building 'ocaml/opam:latest'?

As a workaround I can git pull and opam update if I want to install a new package:

$ sudo docker run -it ocaml/opam opam install qtest.2.2
[ERROR] No package matches qtest.2.2.

$ sudo docker run -it ocaml/opam bash -c 'cd /home/opam/opam-repository; git pull && opam update && opam install qtest.2.2'
OK, it installs it

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