[opam-devel] odd error with aspcud on alpine linux

Anil Madhavapeddy anil at recoil.org
Mon Feb 1 12:01:43 GMT 2016

I've been porting OPAM to Alpine Linux, and have some very odd errors with Aspcud that I was hoping someone could help with.  The solver pieces are all compiled and should have the right versions, but fail with an inconsistency error.

To reproduce it, you need Docker and:

$ docker run -ti ocaml/opam:alpine sh
$ opam install cohttp lwt
[WARNING] External solver failed with inconsistent return value. Request saved to
[ERROR] External solver failure, please fix your installation and check /home/opam/.opam/config and variable
        You may also retry with option --use-internal-solver

$ apk info aspcud
aspcud-1.9.1-r0 description:
Package dependency solver

aspcud-1.9.1-r0 webpage:

aspcud-1.9.1-r0 installed size:

$ apk info gringo
gringo-4.5.3-r0 description:
Grounder to translate user-provided logic programs

gringo-4.5.3-r0 webpage:

gringo-4.5.3-r0 installed size:

$ apk info clasp
clasp-3.1.3-r0 description:
Answer set solver for (extended) normal logic programs

clasp-3.1.3-r0 webpage:

clasp-3.1.3-r0 installed size:

Is there something about this combination of versions that is broken?  It would be nice to have an opam selftest that makes it easier to find the stdout/stderrs of these solver pieces to figure it out, as OPAMDEBUG doesn't quite provide the command line and input/outputs to the shell commands.


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