[opam-devel] mailing liste for opam-repo maintainers

David Allsopp dra-news at metastack.com
Mon Feb 22 15:41:12 GMT 2016

The traffic is already a nuisance! Commenting on your previous rebuttal:

> Well, as I am watching tens of repos on Github, my mailbox is full of such emails.

That’s a problem with your mail client configuration, not the process!

> I would not notice such a mention, unless I decide to read the thread because the title is interesting.

GitHub sets lots of headers – standard list ones in a predictable manner for each repo – and also some useful extra ones (I use them to filter out some other very high activity repos). In particular, watching for X-GitHub-Reason: mention allows you to mark as high priority (or whatever you want to do in your MUA) a comment in which you’ve been tagged.

> Direct mails would be much better.

No they would not – getting people on the conversation thread of a PR is vastly superior; it groups the information and discussion in the place where it’s merged and archives it there. I have certainly had to bisect opam-repository before, so being able to go from a SHA1->Merge->PR->Conversation is very useful.

On this string of PRs, I’m wondering if you’re treating the symptom, and not the cause. Each PR so far is to do with an altered checksum from a code service’s binary release system which suggests that they’re not canonical (i.e. that they’ve changed the zip in what should be a trivial manner – e.g. putting the files in a different order). Rather than fixing the checksums, and causing this to happen again at the whim of a zip library, would it not be better to put in place a policy that zip links should not be to GitHub/BitBucket/Whatever auto-generating URLs but to actual static files (e.g. on github.io)?


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  Is there a mailing-list for opam-repo maintainers only ? For me, this list is about the development of OPAM itself, I am a bit concerned about the trafic if we start to send emails on this list for synchronisation between repo maintainers. Would it be worth creating opam-repo at ocaml.org<mailto:opam-repo at ocaml.org> ?

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