[opam-devel] mailing liste for opam-repo maintainers

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Mon Feb 22 18:50:39 GMT 2016

Le lundi, 22 février 2016 à 19:34, Gabriel Scherer a écrit :
> I use this for the ocamlbuild package, because it is extremely
> convenient. I don't have another static hosting page than the github
> repo right now (not even a .github.io (http://github.io) page), and I would rather avoid
> it if reasonable.

I wouldn't rely on this, it has already been broken more than once. In general you anyways want to apply a function on a checkout in order to generate a release tarball (that is unless you still live in an age were you manipulate version numbers manually). What you can do is simply upload a tarball to what github considers a release (i.e. a tag). See for example the release for uchar:


The package downloads the associated tarball not github's notion of "source code" on that page.



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