[opam-devel] Opam license bug

David Allsopp dra-news at metastack.com
Mon Jan 18 16:01:58 GMT 2016

Louis Gesbert wrote:
> ## The issue
> Opam is distributed under the terms of the LGPL v3 "with OCaml linking
> exception"³, the problem being with the definition of the exception, which
> was written against the LGPL v2, and not properly adapted. It patches the
> wrong clauses, making it actually worthless.

I am not a lawyer, but I don't need to ask any of the considerable number amongst my acquaintance to know that this would be little more than a clerical error under British contract law - it would be highly unlikely that it would render the exception void. But then British Law has the benefit of being based on Common Law, so that may be of little of help with other European/US considerations...


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